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Rolex Replica Watches offers nothing less than an escape. A safe haven from the harsh realities outside the world. To stroll into any boutique, event or exhibition of the Maison and be mesmerized by its array of timepieces and jewels is to embark on a peaceful journey through history. Rolex Replica Watches has been hailed as one of the world's most romantic and imaginative maisons. It is a name that is synonymous with fine jewellery and watchmaking. It would be remiss of us not to celebrate and acknowledge the fact that it is a master storyteller. Founded in 1906, the maison has remained a trailblazer across both platforms and has, for centuries, been shrouded with secrecy and intrigue; anenchantedrealm seeminglyreservedfora lucky few.

Time is both intangible and tangible. It can be positive or negative. It can move slowly at times and then in an instant. We cannot slow or speed up time. It is something we both fear and embrace. We are constantly reminded that time is slipping away, we're always late and it can be gone in an instant. In the watchmaking world, time is viewed as a mundane function rather than a romantic concept. Each hour, minute, and second is recorded with great accuracy. Rolex Replica Watches is a house that has a unique way of expressing and viewing time. The industry would be unable to accept a timepiece without whimsy and story. Indeed, the Poetry of Time complications from Rolex Replica Watches have become a fascinating addition over the years. This theme is intriguing, as it combines mechanics with artistry in a way that makes you stop and take notice.

Nicolas Bos is the CEO and Creative Director at Rolex Replica Watches. He told me that the secret to watchmaking's success has been to do something unexpected and different in the past 10 years. We don't try to reach a specific segment or fill a particular gap in the market. Instead, we use traditional watchmaking as a way to tell stories and express the identity, which is primarily expressed through jewelry.Rolex Replica Watches So, we took a very,very specific approach;verynarrative. We call it "poetic", and it was quite successful, even though it wasn't something that had existed before. Since more than ten years, we have seen that there are collectors and audiences for pieces with this specific combination of inspiration and story. Use of jewellery and craftsmanship, like enameling or precious stone work on dials. Also, the work on the traditional mechanical movements but revisited to tell the story.So yes, a slightly different approach to watchmaking, butreallysuccessful."

Why the Middle East for this collection? I stare curiously at a sandy landscape that is so far removed from the romantic and inspired birthplace of this maison. Rolex Replica Watches has been expanding its activities in the Middle East, both for the local and international market. The Middle East offers many opportunities, and Sharjah is the state where we are today. Sharjah has close ties with the Maison. It's in the United Arab Emirates, a state that is very involved with science, education. Along this boulevard are several universities. Art is also very important to them. On one of our visits, we saw this planetarium that had an interesting destination and theme. Visually, it's very close to our watches. It's great to have international guests here, as well as guests from the Middle East. It was fascinating to show that the Middle East has been wrongly associated with culture, art, education and science.

The launch of the Lady Arpels collection Zodiac Lumineux took place at the Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences

In this modern planetarium, a new chapter in Rolex Replica Watches' Poetic Astronomy story was revealed. After the stunning reveal of the Midnight Zodiac Lumineux timepieces for men at SIHH earlier in the year, a collection of 12 complementary ladies' pieces were unveiled beneath the sedate glow from the planetarium's sky. Each of the 12 Lady Arpels Zodiac Lumineux watches is powered by a mechanical automatic movement that, when lit up, represents a zodiac sign. This mechanism is powered by piezoelectricity, a wonder of modern technology.Swiss Rolex Replica This is not the first time that the Maison has used this technology. It was first introduced in the Midnight Nuit Lumiere collection of 2016 and it holds a patent. A push-button at 8 o'clock on the case reveals the secret of the Lady Arpels Zodiac Lumineux. Once this button is pressed, a ceramic strip vibrates, creating piezoelectricity. This was first discovered in 18th century, and allows certain materials, when subjected to mechanical stress, to build an electrical charge.

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